Our brand is Authentic. Our boutique service gives you two highly acclaimed realtors Traci Tempany & Keith Monohan. Our model recognizes your home like you, as an individual. We customize each detail of the process to meet your specific needs.

With an in-house Marketing Guru, we can easily execute specific and tailored plans effortlessly. Our Target is the Ultimate Client Experience

Other Teams may provide a cookie cutter approach to selling your home, while utilizing junior team members or staff for executing what may be perceived as less important details, while Traci & Keith oversee each and every detail personally. We are focused on Excellence, not Volume.

Do you want to be perceived as one in a dozen listings or The ONE?

Combined, Traci Tempany and Keith Monahan have more than 35 years of experience helping Toronto-based home buyers find the space that embodies their personal vision and lifestyle, and assisting sellers position their properties to quickly attract the next family who’ll call it ‘home’.